Trust Through Different Lenses

September 16, 2010 No Comments

We recently asked some kids about the simple idea of trust.

“Trusting is showing someone that you care.”

“To trust is to get your cookie back when you let your friend hold it while you go potty.”

“Does telling the truth and trust mean the same thing? If yes, then, I trust you that you believe me when I am really telling the truth.”

“It’s easy, you can trust your team mates.”

Though these answers are definitely cute, there are some important lessons that we all can remember.

The first quote is probably the most powerful.

Care and trust are undeniably intertwined. But, many times, we forget that in the business world. Often, we equate “trust” with “action” — which makes sense.

Most business “action” lies in the “transaction.” This makes perfect sense as well, but the idea of caring gets lost in the equation.

Yes, in business, we should make it about doing the best work possible. But, when there is mutual trust between the client and provider, there is a great deal of caring that goes on — caring about the work, caring about each other.

From this foundation of caring and trust comes something even more special. When these two components are working in tandem, it becomes clear that client and provider truly value the work and each other. They know that the relationship is strong and that it will result in more than just a good campaign — it can result in transforming a business — on both sides.

The fact is that these kinds of relationships will go through their ups and downs. It’s natural and can be expected. But, the big opportunity in getting through the tough times lies in the foundation of trust and care that is established. It is in valuing the relationship even when the seas get choppy.

This is when productive dialogue, listening and understanding can get things back on track and make the relationship even stronger.

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