Good Listening Leads to Good Communication

September 2, 2010 No Comments

Listening is important.

That’s the obvious statement.

But, the mere act of listening goes so much deeper than we even realize.

The reality is, sometimes our minds wander when the conversation veers into territory that is perceived to be unneccessary or boring. But, the fact is, great insight can be gleaned from those down times. A word or phrase may be said that unlocks all the potential in the world.

Another aspect of how someone listens starts with even the most mundane conversations before you get down to business. Casual conversations can open up a new direction or perspective that could prove to be valuable.

You could learn about someone’s passions — their philosophies. This could very well be that platinum nugget that swings an original idea or direction in to something very powerful.

Some of us are “natural” listeners. I think having an honest curiosity, a focus on the person or people talking, and having the ability to not judge and be objective, is always helpful.

Good listeners often look for cues, words and phrases that spark an idea. They then will ask probing, inquisitive questions that open up an even more robust dialogue.

It’s always fun to see how people react to being asked good questions. They tend to want to have more questions asked — because they can see that a momentum is being built and a direction is becoming established. Their eyes open wider and the smiles get bigger because they know that a good listener may have just put them on the path to something special, in addition to good communication.

We invite you to listen to our audio log about “listening” and we look forward to listening with you.

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