Good communication is ‘healthy’ for business

October 19, 2010 No Comments

Good communication is essential to living a great life. Good communication is essential for your brand to thrive.

When you communicate effectively, you achieve your vision of a healthy, fun life and business. Here ‘healthy’ is defined as more than being active and eating the right foods. Being ‘healthy’ is having a good understanding of what your business stands for, how you want to be heard and how you want others to understand it.

For many businesses, being ‘healthy’ is when their true “brand image” is well-known; for others it is increasing their profitability; and for others it is simply having repeat or loyal customers.

When you are able to get clear, really clear with how you want to communicate with others and how your company should be understood, it simplifies the buying process for your customers. People can trust you or your brand. They know that when they stop by or call about an offer you are promoting, that your staff will also know the details. They know when they buy your product, that it will do whatit is supposed to. And to top it off, all this good communication, allows you to have increased confidence because you are able to focus on your clear vision and opportunities!

I’ve recently made a shift in my own communications (with myself and others). I have been learning how not to over-promise. I used to tell myself I’d have an email out by 3pm and send an ad to a client by 4:30pm. If I was off by just one minute, I’d feel guilty, stressed and exhausted. Just by changing my attitude about time, I now feel good when I’ve set realistic goals, stay close to my rough production schedules and smile when I get things done.

My challenge to you and your brand: sit down by yourself and with your marketing guru, and really figure out what you want to say and how you want to be known. Look at companies you admire and see what they are doing and saying.

Have your professional marketing team like Bamboo River get the messages, stories and promotions out there in the most effective and essential ways.

That way, you’ll be and feel ‘healthy’ all over while attracting your ideal customers!

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