Going Way Back

August 25, 2010 No Comments

We’ve been sharing audio about Bamboo River Marketing.

The first was the start of our new identity, Bamboo River Marketing.

The second, all about founding our company.

Our interviewer decided to ask me about my educational background — and took me way back.

I’ve always been very much into crafts. I love the idea of the DIY culture and how we can create things of real meaning and value from our own two hands. In Portland, there is a great deal of pride in the fact that we have a creative culture that places great value on all things homemade.

It started very early for me and I’ve been lucky to have creative influences who inspired me to create.

Now, it’s about continuing to create in ways that make a difference. It’s the books I am working on. It’s working with clients to develop marketing that is hand-crafted and stands out.

It’s always fun to have this type of artistic perspective – and I am pleased to share some of that insight in this conversation.

A Creative Education – Audio

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