Are you ready for 2011 or still stuck in the mud?

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You heard about it and in FaceBook posts: Nearly everyone said their 2011 was going to be better than last year. How about you? What are your predictions?

The media and news predict that 2011 will be a great year as well. What if that prediction was made by the same person that said the recession is over? What I’ve finally come to realize is that 2011 is likely going to be the same as every other year—some will prosper and others will fail.

Someone somewhere will promote a really really bad storm, a low shopping day, and a hit and run. And, the people who live for the news, will share all these great stories and create more drama than last year. I’ve been there, done that.

Here’s the Reality…

• 2011 will only be better than last year when YOU make it better!

• The more you TALK about positive relationships with customers and others, the more you will see it.

• When you LOVE social media and have the strategies to create a really good personal brand, it will raise your professional brand up another notch.

• The best way to get more sales is to TAKE ACTION every single day— that means start doing little actions and making choices that are of value to you, your customers, your employees, and your business.

• The best way to get more customers is to CREATE an environment where they want to hang out.

• Select the BEST for your customers. I’ve seen some businesses lately that select which products to sell by how much money they are making on that product, I think that will quickly hurt relationships (the customer might not know it but those products surely won’t make them as happy and probably won’t last as long, right?).

Here’s some questions to start with…

1. What are you listening to or reading that is encouraging your success?

2. Are you positively leading your company and employees?

3. Have you walked through your business to see if your five senses like the experience (in person, online, on the phone, inside & outside)?

4. If you are going through a transition, have you considered using a guide book or consultant to help you get through it positively?

5. Have you called your top customers from last year and personally thanked them?

6. Are you doing your home work to make your business the best it can be?

7. What does your 2011 social media strategy look like?

I just recently came across a description of Bamboo and it really signifies why we changed our name from ID Graphics to Bamboo River. I thought you’d like this as well, because really it is all about what we are and why we are here for you…

“We have chosen Bamboo for it’s inherent qualities of being green, flexible, bending in difficulty, but never breaking. It has earned the nickname of being “the plant of 1001 uses” because of its broad uses throughout the world. There is a traditional belief that bamboo can restore calmness and stimulate creativity.” -from the packaging on Hugger Mugger bamboo block for yoga

Call me with questions or to schedule a complimentary assessment/consultation that will help you grow and have more time to innovate! I’m easy to get a hold of Mondays through Thursdays 9am-5pm PST 503-761-4360.  –Kirsten

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